Y-Readers Program

The Y-Readers program to prevent summer learning loss began in 2013.  This program is designed for children in Title 1 schools who are rising 1st and 2nd graders and testing at or below reading level.  Each summer, these students typically lose three months of the education that they achieved during the school year.

The YMCA’s goal is to provide a six-week literacy and enrichment program to develop and improve the children’s educational outcomes and build self-confidence.

Cameron, a child in our rising 2nd grade program, started the summer at 2/3, the grade equivalency level of his peers.  During the summer, Cameron was a quiet, reserved child who kept to himself and did not speak to many other children or counselors.  When it came to reading with the class or working on projects, Cameron was distant and did not volunteer to participate in any activity.  But, as the summer progressed, Cameron began to change.   His confidence soared, friendships were made and he was active in learning and participated in all activities.

The YMCA’s 1 to 4 ratio of nurturing instructors to campers was a positive factor in Cameron’s growth.  Having someone to specifically work with Cameron and spend quality time teaching him to read was critical in the development of his progress. At the end of the summer, Cameron’s assessment results showed he was now slightly ahead of his peers in his reading levels.  His mom said, “The best part about this program for my family is that my child is no eager to learn and participate in activities outside the classroom.  I hope that this program will continue to help other children like my son.”